Education fund for black woman in South Africa


Financial support of groups

Malibongwe also supports groups of female students who like to follow a course together. At this moment we financially support a group of 21 women who work at day-care centres. This course is organised by SOS children villages.

SOS children villages aim to support 20 backyard day-care centres in the township of Mamelodi near Pretoria. A backyard day-care centre is an informal form of childcare for children of poor working women. The crèche leaders have no formal education in childcare and normally few activities are organised for the children because of lack of knowledge and sources.

SOS children villages want to support these backyard centres with toys and educational materials. In addition, they now also offer the crèche leaders a course in  ‘early childhood development’. This training course has started June 2009 and is financed by Malibongwe.

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