Education fund for black woman in South Africa


Application procedure

The income of the contributions of our supporters enable us to support black female students with a scholarship up to ZAR 12.000,- per year. We support students for 4 years at a max.

Students can approach us directly by mail or postal letter. Usually they know about us through other students and alumni. When students approach us for the first time, we ask them for the following:

  1. proof of registration at university, school or training
  2. results of their education, when possible
  3. motivation letter with explanation of their financial situation
  4. an official reference letter
  5. a copy of your ID

The board of Malibongwe studies all new requests twice a year and selects those whose studies need our support most, who are highly motivated and whose study may have positive effects for the development of South Africa. When the selected students have signed the contract for their scholarship, they are requested to inform the board of their yearly progress and their experiences as black students in present day South Africa.

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