Education fund for black woman in South Africa


The Malibongwe Fund

The Malibongwe Education Fund is a Foundation in Delft, The Netherlands, aimed at raising funds for education of poor black women in South Africa. Malibongwe means “we honour women in their struggle”. It is the first sentence of a song of women of South Africa:

"Malibongwe igama lama khosikazi. Wa thinta abafazi, wathinta imbogodo"

This means “ we honour the words of women. If you touches one woman, the whole group will turn against you”

Malibongwe posterThe start

The education fund started in 1990 as a result of the visit of the South African women to Delft. These women participated in the Malibongwe Conference in Amsterdam. At that meeting it became clear that there was a large need of educating black women.

Our aims

Malibongwe offers black women of South Africa financial support to enable them to start an education, course or training with the aim of becoming economically independent. Such an education will benefit themselves but also their families and communities. With a good education the women can actively participate in building a democratic South Africa and developing a just society with equal opportunities.

Opportunities for change

The focus of our fund is on black women because they still suffer most of a backwardness in education and financial possibilities. After years of struggle and resistance, apartheid was formally banned. However, the struggle continues as the society has to be developed in new ways.

All money is welcome

Malibongwe is an organisation of volunteers. All our funds are totally used to assist our target group. We maintain direct contacts with the students we support. Every year the students inform us about their progress and experiences. The Malibongwe Fund depends on the regular contribution of our supporters and gifts. All money is thus welcome.

Financial support

In order to be able to work with a stable budget, we try to attract a lot of people who support us on a regular basis. Their regular contributions guarantee the continuity of our Fund

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